Founded in 1975

S.C. Artroom is the studio of architecture, design, and design of communication.

Our works are developping in the fields of

architecture ( from the villa to building of 15 floors, museum, embassy included )
commercial space ( various fashion brands, restaurant, etc )
visual marchandising
industrial design ( cosmetic, furniture, display, lighting, tile, ceramic, carpet, etc. )
packaging ( various sectors )
logotype, logomark ( various companies )
graphics, editorial ( pubblicity, catalog, book and editorial pages of magazines for publishing houses. )
web design, e-commerce design, sns contents ( about 100 firms done )
online magazine ( magazine of culture, fashion )
collaboration with artists( artist, gallerist )
photography ( editorial, pubblicity, and art )
installation ( of exhibition, of shopwindow of commercial space, presentation of products, etc )
project of exhibition ( art, design, social, video )
projecti of new magazine ( of culture, fashion, and design )
journalism ( write article, interview of person, take picture )
total branding + CI ( for various companies )

The Awards

Chi è Chi Awards Best Digital Designer
Aga Khan Award for Architecture finalist for the Japanese Embassy in Syria.
London International Advertising Award Great award for the branding of Stephanemarais.
German Design Award Special mention for the flagshipshop Fragiacomo.
Art Directors Club Award Great award for the packaging design Untied, Shiseido.
Art Directors Club Award Great award for the branding Stephanemarais, Shiseido.
Webby Design Award / W3 Design Award Gold / Silver award total 7 times for web design, ecc.
Japan TDC Award Selected for the graphic design of the brand Stefano Mortari
World Space Design Award Gold / Silver award total 6 times for the design of commercial spaces, design for shop window, installation, shop window of Biffi - Banner, etc.
Japan Display Design Award Great award for the exhibit design of “Biosophia of Birds”
Good Design Awards Great, and Gold award total 4 times for the packaging design, graphic design, furniture design, Stephanemarais, Nippon sense, etc.
Canon contest Special mention for the photography.